Virtuous Lion Productions, LLC.



Created in 2012 under the name Isolated Time Photography & Film, Virtuous Lion Productions (VLP) , LLC. is a full-service production company offering documentary, photography, and videography on a global scale. 

The main objective of VLP is to be a voice for humanity and provide quality photography, videography & documentary services that highlight the crucial work and humanitarian efforts done by NGO’s, non-profits and international business organizations.


Founded by AP award-winning journalist and Emmy-nominated documentarian, Tahir Asadullah Lee, VLP is led with a strong passion for story-telling and bringing light to social injustices worldwide. A knowledgeable minority in the media and researcher by journalistic nature, Tahir hopes to impact the masses by provoking positive social changes on an international scale.



Services we offer: cinematography, directing, editing, documentary filmmaking, videography, producing, narration, and photography.

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